Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Selling trough Education: Greenbuilding TV

Education is considered as an important strategy for Green Marketing: building awareness by teaching people on the benefits (what’s in it for me?) and application (how do I manage this?) of several products and techniques.

Especially for the Green “Do It Yourself market” that is on the rise in the US, and that needs to come to Europe urgently, accessible education is required to make Green products and applications a normal thing.

As I may quote John Grant on this:
Green Marketing has to do what ICT has done the past few years: turning a mass of technophobes into an audience of happy surfers.
The internet is of course a good medium to do this:
Take a good look on how “Building Green TV” is doing this, introducing the idea of green roofs, natural lighting, solar ovens, and so on.

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