Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Rules of thumb in Green (I): Interface Carpets

Green Marketing and sustainable business are still very young.
Over time, some of the pioneers, as well as contemporary authors, strategists and green entrepreneurs have expressed their rules of thumbs or principles, often published online, in articles or books.
Here is one of the very first series of corporate sustainable business principles: The Seven Fronts Model of Interface (worlds largest manufacturer of industrial carpet, now Shaw Industries)
It was the personal commitment and challenge of Ceo Ray Anderson to go green in as much of the processes in the total product lifecycle. This is one from the seventies, but still very relevant as it looks further then “eco-friendly production”.

Turning 'a service of products' into 'a product of services'

Interface was one of the first companies turning 'a service of products' into 'a product of services': In stead of selling carpet, they started leasing carpet with both commercial benefits (loyalty, customer service management) and eco-benefits (take back of materials to recycle) as a result.

1. Eliminate Waste
2. Generate no harmful emissions
3. Use renewable energy sources
4. Achieve closed-loop recycling
5. Use resource-efficient transportation
6. Engage and sensitize stakeholders
7. Pioneer sustainable commerce

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