Monday, 23 April 2007

Nakd - Food to feel good about

The picture shows Cathy, woman of my life, presenting: The Nakd bar.
Does this product also suit the new eco-branding principle? Yes, it does:

First, let’s refresh our collective memory, shall we? The new eco-branding principle means that something should first of all reflect a characteristic that has nothing to do with ecological or ethical stuff.
When looking at Nakd bar, this is put in practice as follows: Primary it’s a healthy, funny and surprising product and only secondary, and here it comes: a green and honest product.
Now, the only thing left to do is improve the taste of it because to be honest…it’s not the best thing I’ve eaten so far!
You could say it’s a muesli bar, which I’ve purchased at Foodmaker’s. The packaging is interesting and kind of ‘out of the ordinary’. It has a high amusement factor and looks like it has been drawn by a kid. Several statements on the package refer to ‘being the healthiest of the healthiest’:

- Nakd - Food to feel good about (there logo is a drawed honey bee
- Cocoa Loco - Raw Fruit & Nut bar
- No sugar added - 100% natural wholoefood
- Information on the natural, premium uncooked ingredients
- Raw vegan - No GMO

To be ‘greenest of the greenest’, Nakd bar also refers to some links on their packaging:

- Website for more information on the bio- and eco-ingredients:
- Website and logo on ngo fighting against
- Logo and website of animal

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