Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Humo and Electrabel's promotion with the inconvenient truth

Some weeks ago, the DVD 'an inconvenient truth' of Al Gore was given away as a free premium with Humo, the biggest progressive weekly magazine in Flanders. (In the French part of Belgium, they did the same with Télémoustique)

Humo normally sells 230.000 copies a week. With this promotion they sold 303.000 copies.(not bad from a commercial point of view)
In the magazine, they published an interview with "Serge de Gheldere", who is the Belgiam ambassador of Al Gore. So the action was integrated in the editorial context as well.

But the real winner is the initator of this action: Electrabel, who uses the Climate and AL Gore hype as an opportunity for GREENWASHING its image.

As you can see in Greenpeace's ranking of green energy suppliers, Electrabel as biggest supplier (and in some aspects, the monopolist) is faremost the worst player on ecological aspects.
You can find Greenpeace' greenranking right here

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