Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Veja, green design shoes

The slogan of these eco-branded sneakers sounds like: "Une autre monde, est-il possible?", or "Another world, is it possible?",
Veja, a French company, develops sport shoes in bio cotton, natural rubber and eco-friendly tanned leather. Well thank you Veja, for giving us a great illustration of the ‘eco-chique branding principle’. The what?? Well, first of all, their shoes are nice shoes. And after being nice, their shoes are green, greener than any other shoes.

You can admire their full collection on their website. Sometimes you might experience availability and distribution as being the most crucial problems of green designed fashion. However, these great Veja shoes are available in Brussels, more specifically in the Alice Gallery, Dansaertstraat 182. There you go, no excuses left for not getting a pair.

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