Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Côte d'Or supports the Cliniclowns

This morning, I woke up with a radio commercial about a partnership between Côte d'Or and the Cliniclowns (a team of professionals, entertaining kids that have to stay longtime in the hospital).

As a cause new marketing enthousiast, I'm happy to notice these things happen in the fast movers business arena.

I also would like to know wether consumers embrace this action or not. Will this increase sales? Will this be a win-win for both Kraft Foods and Cliniclowns?

The promotion tactic is focussed on volume. It's the classic 'the same for less' and goes as follows: There are two reduction vouchers that give you a reduction when buying 3 or 5 Côte d'Or products. For every redemtion, Côte d'Or gives 0,25€ to Cliniclowns.

No creative integration

To my personal feeling, this partnership is not well integrated. The presence on the web is poor, and there is no clear message that shows a natural match between Côte d'Or and Cliniclowns. It's even not clear wether this is a corporate innitiative (Kraft Foods) or a pure brand promotion.

Dissapointment at the point of sales

So I got to GB to find them. But I didn't. Half the chocolade rayon is filled with Côte d'Or, but not even one single reference to the Cliniclown partnership (not on the packages, not in promotional materials, ...)
So I bought Oxfam fair trade chocolade and Jacques Callebaut/ Max Havelaar chocolade bars.

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