Thursday, 8 March 2007

The newest Colruyt Wind Mill

Today I red an interesting article in StoreCheck (trade magazine of fast movers and grocery) about the newest Wind Mill of Colruyt in Ghislenghien. This investment is part of their Green Line program, a corporate engagement to the environment.
Colruyt started this corporate program, back in 1990.

Everyone in the Colruyt Group is involved to make ecologically friendly choices in all aspects and processes in the business where possible.

What amazes me is the performance of this machine. The article says that this machine is twice as powerfull as their 1ste Wind Mill.

Some specs:
  • Estimated production: 4.400.000 kWh a year
  • Equals the energy consumption
    of ca. 1.400 families
  • Equals the emission of 1.350.000
    kilo’s of CO² a year if it would be
    produced by a gas production plant

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