Saturday, 5 June 2010

Igniting Marvel

Three great books - spotted at Fnac - that help you discover a field of interest in a smart and pleasant way
People will be careful with the things they love, understand and appreciate. Good insight.
Not that we should be careful with 'weather', 'stars', or 'pollen', but I really appreciate the sort of books that succeed to ignite marvel. What are the key elements to provide access to a new field of interest and create marvel among audience?

Interesting question.

A lot of answers are to be found in the BBC documentary series 'Life' that I really appreciate.
David Attenborough is really a skillful storyteller. He masters Marvel as no other.
S let's take a notebook. Let's watch the entire DVD set and take notes every-time everytime you are amazed. Ask yourselve what's the trick here? How is the marvel delivered? What are the narrative techniques? Lots to learn here

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