Monday, 7 June 2010

How to become a change agent? (1) Leroy Stick - The man behind @BPGlobalPR

For those who believe that as an individual, you are nothing: think again.
This is the story of the man behind @BPGlobalPR who used twitter to really make a difference and start a movement. What started as a joke became as big as 100.000 followers sharing opinion, graphics, video and most important... information.

The reason why it grows is the lack of information, transparency and credibility from BP.
Only when it comes to the environment, criminals are the investigators of their own crimes. People sense the bullshit in this. It is not the good idea of BPGlobalPR that makes it big, it is the belief of the people who agree that makes it big.

And no, it doesn't stop the oil spill. But it helps gaining ground to think different by the way we make things and the way we harvest our energy (make-take-waste and brutal force)

Lots to learn about how to become a change agent. Read the full story here:

Join the conversation here:

Wondering where this goes.

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