Friday, 25 June 2010

For Enfinity, Solar is first and foremost a business case

Philip Maes (the godfather) and I today visited Enfinity in their headquarters in Waregem to talk about their brand, their origin, their values and style. On the picture below we are in their 'showroom' which is their own roof where all different solar installations are exhibited.

Apart of their technical expertise, they are very well in the know of the urgency to shift towards a low carbon society and what contribution they offer in this evolution. But what flattered me the most is their serious attitude towards Solar. No frills, no flower power. It is business, negotiating and making money. And that is what it should be, to play big and push the barriers in this evolution. Spending an afternoon in their office makes you realize that they are driven by business expertise in the first place. They have a healthy commercial drive.

No wonder Enfinity is one of the most fast growing renewable energy companies in Belgium, with lots of activity abroad: in Canada, India, Spain, China, VS, Greece and more.

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