Friday, 28 March 2008

How to get rid of oil in less then a decade?

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Sit back and kick out your shoes, to take a moment listening to this nice speaking occasion of Shai Agassi. He tells us how to transform cars as we know it into a sustainable transportation system.

Brilliant keynote, no slides, only a man passionated about his beliefs, with a well structured story and skills to convince an audience.

He provides a scenario that involves the financial, economical, operational, technological and even social and psychological consequences to make a total tranformation possible in less then 10 years.

About Shai Agassi:

Shai Agassi is the founder and CEO of Project Better Place, a company focused on the early 21st century’s biggest challenge - a scaleable and sustainable personal transportation system. In this role, Agassi works directly with governments, finance, automobile manufacturers and technology companies to install, scale, and operate a regional and global infrastructure necessary for electric vehicles. With a personal passion in solving large-scale social and environmental issues, Agassi believes in utilizing technology and capital markets to address the challenges of sustainability and climate change. With Project Better Place, he will manage the operation of international electric vehicle fleets by investing in, installing and operating countrywide charging infrastructures for electric cars, as well as working with partners to make the cars available.

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  1. Very well indeed to start with an icon of sorts: our car.

    Much loved, highly problematic.

    Opening up a perspective into 100% sustainably generated electricity. After all: you don't want to fill up your zero emission car with fossils or uranium based electricity.

    This is well under way now in Israel & Denmark. Since it's an open source approach, all regions are invited.

    And they will respond favourably soon.

    When the fact that a years worth of filling up your old car costs more than driving an electric car becomes known, then tables will turn.

    Emil Möller