Saturday, 23 February 2008

sustainability is increasing criteria for jobseekers

Building boardroom buy-in requires a strategy in its own, especially when it comes to sustainability.
A great help in this are the books of Bob Willard.

Bob Willard dedicates a full chapter for each of its "seven bottom line benefits" in his first book "the sustainability advantage".

I've always had my doubt about his first one: "Easier hiring of top talent". But yesterday, the biggest interim company in Belgium, Randstad, did announce the results of its research to the most attractive employers of the moment. (in Belgium)

40% of employees consider 'good care for people and planet' as important in a certain degree when chosing an employer to work for. (two years ago, this was 28%). Most growth is detected among youngers, women and high educated profiles.
Below you find the seven business case benefits for a sustainable business (Bob Willard):

1) Easier hiring of top talent by attracting people whose values resonate with company sustainability values and who want to work in that kind of company.

2) Higher retention of top talent since employees caring about a company's environmental and social good works want to stay with it longer.

3) Higher productivity from employees energized by contributing to the succes of a firm doing worthwile work.

4) Reduced expenses in manufacturing through eco-efficiencies, dematerialization, recycling, process redesign and wast reduction.

5) Reduced expensen at commercial sites thourgh eco-efficiencies in energy and water usage, and increased employee stewardship of consumables.

6) Increased revenue as green consumers are attracted to the company's products, services are expanded, and new markets are opened.

7) Reduced risk and easier financing through risk avoidance, lower insurance premiums, better loan rates and higher attractiveness to investors


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