Monday, 18 February 2008

A Cause Related Out-of-office reply

In this digital age, everyone can be an activist.
We have tools for social journalism, like blogging, video and photo sharing, but as you can see below, you can simply add messages to your daily and operational office communications as well. Think about autosignature, but also mind the 'out-of-office-replies'.

King of funny, synical 'out-of-office-replies' in our offfice is Tom Theys, our Strategy Director.

Check this one:

I hope I'm not starting a new trend here, but I'm having a smog holiday today.
Think of it: smog alarm means it's unhealthy in the city, it's bad for the trees to drive to work and the weather is bound to be nice! Reason enough to stay home.

But stop holding your breath for now, because I'll be back tomorrow.


If dark clouds trouble your mind in the meanwhile, call Duval Guillaume reception on +32 2 412 08 88 and ask for Geri or Ralf.

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