Friday, 30 November 2007

Google's Carbon Footprint Project

Google has just released their UK Carbon Footprint Project
In partnership with the Energy Saving Trust, a non-profit organization addressing climate change, Google developed their own brand of carbon footprint calculator, with some great ecogeeky features.
  • Users can calculate their carbon emissions
  • They can also choose "carbon reducing actions,"
    Which will be tagged to their iGoogle profile.
  • These can be updated whenever you like, either by adding more or lowering your current footprint, essentially tracking your progress to lower emissions.
    Your footprint and your actions are displayed on Google Maps
  • You can see what others are doing and what their footprints are.
  • The site also features an array of neat tools to check out, anything from seeing what local green resources are available in your area, to stats on those participating in the projects.

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