Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Electrabrol: a courageous campaign of Greenpeace

Find more background information at:
- www.electrabrol.be (NL)
- www.electrobel.be (FR)

Having Electrabel as energy supplier is a very common choice in Belgium. During a long time, they were the only choice. This public awareness campaign of Greenpeace questions this common behavior, tells the real story, unmasks Electrabels greenwashing attitude and refers to smarter/ greener solutions.

OK, this is not the whoehaha-kind of creative campaign. But it is remarkable and courageous.

Having (1)a public enemy,
(2)a great eye-opening story aiming for justice
(3)a courageous opinion that is attractive to agree with
(4) and a call for action that empowers you to make a difference
are strong elements for a good cause-related campaign.

But isn't it a bit tricky as well? How about the risk of Electrabel striking back?
Feel free to give your opinion below, help spreading this campaign, or switch provider.


  1. i will be changing from Electrabel to another provider, as I meant to do this before already

  2. I already switched to Luminus a while ago...

    Strong campaign, let's see how viral this gets and if the large audience will have the patience ...as they're brainwashed using only their brains 30 seconds at a time.

    Keep on spreading the word.

  3. I became a member of Ecopower two years ago(wind mill power - waitinglist unfortunately) and I am more than satisfied (prices, transparency and information). Every question is answered by the general manager himself by mail.

    For gaz I took EBEM, a small company in Merksplas, that claims to be nice for our environment (recommended by Ecopower).

    Do not hesitate to contact me for more information (erika@snowglobe.be)

  4. Geweldige campagne, 'k weet alleen niet of die puur viraal een kritische massa gaat bereiken!

    Ik zit nog wel bij Electrabel, maar verander volgend jaar!