Monday, 8 October 2007

Brands with an opinion

Ok, let us consider something very lean and mean. There is written so much about brand positioning strategy (heavy theories, complicated methodologies), but if we take it as simple as possible, there might be 4 levels of positioning a brand, a product, or whatever:

1) Based on an attribute
(like: this bodylotion contains Aloƫ Vera)
For eco-design brands, there is a big opportunity here! Cradle-to-cradle, bio-
degradable, 100% Organic...these are claims that are based on attributes and very powerfull: If you say: this milk is free of toxins, you are ahead of the competition: it implicates that all other milk on the shelves might... )

2) Based on a consequence
(this bodylotion gives you a sunny tinn that lasts for more then 48 hours)
It is about performance. It is about the result that is different, better, nicer, ...

3) Based on a ritual
(this bodylotion should be part of your morning ritual everyday!)
It is about behavior. A behavior that seems attractive and flattering to adopt

4) Based on an opinion
... >>> Just watch the video. I cannot explain the power of it. Dove... Again!
For me, this is the difference between good and great in the first place, but perhaps more important: A solid example of the next big thing: brand should have an opinion. It is the most important thing to communicate for a brand: what is it's role in society? Its responsability in the industry? If it uncorcks our collective feelings, If it touches our souls, we might be happy to agree with it.
This ad shows that 'an opinion' is a great opportunity to create a big hit!


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