Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Smoggi: Even Underwear can embrace a cause :-)

Last week, Sloggi (the underwear brand) did a street guerilla action they called "Smoggi".
I heard of it on the radio, when I woke up. I was happy about this. It proves that realy every kind of brand can do 'cause new markeitng projects, big or small, even an underwear brand.

What happened?
Pretty girls appeared on brigdes in their underwear, alerting drivers to slow down due to the smog/ bad air quality speed limitations.
The action had some press coverage, and lives on on the internet via Youtube, GarageTV and probably many others.

From a creative/ integration point of view, not bad:
- Sloggi (the brand name) > Smoggi (the action against smog)
- Showing girls in their underwear > Slowing down cars

But, somehow it reminds me of the bikini bandits in Denmark

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