Friday, 16 March 2007

It can also be like this!

This 'Kessels Kramers' campaign of SNS bank in Holland is more than one year old.
I still find it brilliant. It's an excellent example on how to build brand belief by having an opinion*, using your media space not by talking bank-bank-bank all the time, but by showing you are part of the culture. It's a great way of putting a Cause in the mix.

Timing = New Year
Copyline = "It can also be like this in 2006"
They use "It can also be like this" as their challenger line for various product promotions. To position them as a bank that does banking differently, so from a creative point of view, this campaign is very well integrated.

*(Holland has always seen itselves as a very tollerant society, while not so nice things were happening at that time)

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