Friday, 11 June 2010

Pecha Kucha Maastricht in Hasselt was great!

Already some weeks ago, the 20th of May, I was the first to provide a talk on my work in the Pecha Kucha line-up at Hasselt. I chose to be the first so I could enjoy the rest of the show in a relaxed way. And I was really surprised by the quality of the talks. Moste were fresh, very passionate innovative and powerful. Not arty-farty or fluffy.

The most charming talk of the evening was without any doubt Astrid Vyt (the youngest participant) who talks about her own ecodesign brand Bombasj, and how she keeps big memories on big moments like festivals alive.

Then there was Nik of Pantopicon inviting the audience trough a stroll in his hometown Hasselt, igniting people's imagination on how particular things would be in the future.

I also appreciated the talk of Jan Keymis on why to 'go down' instead of going up in architecture. It provided the audience with some amazing images and ideas on how to rethink the way we live.

Next interesting talk was Evert-Jan De Kort on his passion for chocolate and his invitation to rediscover Chocolate as it was initially intended.

I also did like Rob Van Ackers view on Africa as a continent with people that are surpisingly resilient towards unplanned events. He argues that the best survival kit is not a set of tools, but the right mentality between your ears.

When it comes to mine, I talked about how to fool the brain for sustainability. The Captain Spock versus Homer Simpson-thing. As you can see, the strickt timing and fast tempo of the format is really killing me again.

Many more interesting talks are to be found on the website. Thanks again to Nik Decrock of Creative Class for the excellent organisation of this event.

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