Monday, 7 June 2010

Challenging the status quo/ Change habits

These days, we wipe our ass with paper.
Nobody challenges this habit, however a large part of the world uses water for his or her personal hygiene.
It is a cultural status-quo on this side of the globe.
Not for Geberit Aquaclean, who takes on the big challenge of swapping the wiping habit with a wet and refreshing splish-splash. And as it is a campaign that aims for a cultural change, I'm always in the front seat to see wether they will succeed.

This is an outdoor campaign I saw in Amsterdam, past weekend.
Interesting. Won't be easy, although I believe there is a potential support for this as they fully claim cleanliness.

What you remember after you forgot the ad is prbably a system loaded with a feeling of real purity.

Enthusiasts and first buyers will say: If you really love your bum, you don't wipe it, you wash it.
More at their website:

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