Monday, 10 May 2010

The Green marketing triangle at the Recentre coaching sessions

Last week, it was the second of three coaching sessions of Recentre (centre for sustainable design) at the AINSI, a remarkable building in Maastricht. There I had the pleasure again to take a very diverse audience trough different techniques and strategies on how to gain ground for sustainable products and services.

I took the participants trough a process stuffed with examples, riddles, kickstart questions and exercises that was all structured by a model that provides a certain logic, so participants can also us it in their own practice.

Here you'll find what I would like to call 'the Green marketing Triangle. A model that starts from the idea that there are always three communication agendas;
  • the product experience,
  • the brand belief and
  • the company credibility.
When you confront these three levels with three strategic families:
  • Communicate an USP
  • Share a big ideal
  • And challenge the status quo
You end up with nine strategic angle points to turn your green alternative into a success. You can use it as the basis for a green marketing brainstorm session, just as we did last Thursday in Maastricht.

You can still subscribe for the next and last session in June; this day will be focused on 'building boardroom buy-in'. To join up, click here

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