Monday, 15 June 2009

Status 1.0 till 4.0

I found this vision on the evolution of status, which keeps my mind busy since two days:
Different forms of status that will co-exist

• Status 1.0: Consumers buying and possessing more and/or better stuff than fellow consumers.
• Status 2.0: Consumers driven by experiences instead of the fixed—and enjoying the status derived from the stories they can tell afterwards, 
  too. Freeing oneself from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions is big for this one.
• Status 3.0: Consumers participating, creating, developing skills and acquiring knowledge. Status comes from finding an appreciative audience,
  impressed with what one knows and can create, instead of what one consumes or experiences.
• Status 4.0: For some, giving, caring, contributing, being generous, and yes, consuming less are the new status symbols. 


  1. Hi Stefaan,

    are you talking about Generation G?
    It blows my mind too.

    If you come in brussels soonly maybe could we organize a meeting?


    julien bovy

  2. Yes sure. Maybe next week I'll me there. Keep you posted