Monday, 16 March 2009

Responsible Business Summit 2009: 11-12 May, London

the 11th and 12th of May, I will probably attend the Responsible Business Summit in London.
It seems like a big moment as there is a list of 40 speakers of both big international companies (Nestlé, Cadbury, BASF, ...) and organizations that are well known for their credible CSR reputations (Innocent, Timberland, Bodyshop, Green & Blacks ...)

I hope I'm not paying a lot of money for a greenwashing circus (what is SUEZ doing there?) but besides that, I believe it's a good occasion to collect new insights, models and learn from best practices, tactics to gain boardroom buy-in etc...

Some items on the program seem promising:
  • The Business Ethics Imperative: Can responsible business  save the reputation of capitalism?
  • How to reduce carbon footprint and save money
  • Banks and responsible business
  • Avoiding Greenwash
  • Convince the board to invest in corp. responsability
  • ....
You can find the program, brochure and subscription form here

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