Tuesday, 17 February 2009

How to gain share of heart among the broad public with the Smart Grid?

Electricity companies don't fall into the most exciting advertising categories.
On top of that, a "Smart Grid" is not the easiest thing to explain to consumers or to gain "share of heart".
But it needs goodwill, as the American powergrid was not renewed since 112 years and needs a make-over in the perspective of cutting down greenhouse gasses and Repower America.

This General Electric campaign introduces its Smart Grid technology and is using an exciting augmented reality function to bring the idea to life, in a continuation of the consistently excellent Ecomagination campaign.

The statistics and benefits were brought to life through data visualisation, a film and 3D augmented reality experience designed to turn consumers into Smart Grid advocates at the stunning and informative 

The augmented reality component allows users to manipulate 3D models of wind and solar power using only a webcam and a solar panel marker, a distinct symbol that activates the hologram. The marker runs on GE print ads, can be printed off or the site or pulled up an iPhone. Watch a demo here

The campaign is making ecological waves, being picked up on numerous blogs and by newspapers, shortly after the campaign’s launch, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the official publication of the United Nations, not to mention impressive dwell times on the website with users sharing videos of themselves ‘testing’ the alternative energies via the digital hologram.

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