Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bridging the Brand-Agency Devide

Marketing budgets go down, and the disconnect between the offer of the marketing industry and what brands are looking for, seems to keep growing, according to FUTURELAB.
On top of that, people tend to question 'the old marketing school' (which is largely based on messaging, buying people's attention and producing fake brand personality devices).

But as people who love our job, we're lucky.
Futurelab surprises us with some free research reports and provocative presentations on:

- Bridging the Brand-Agency Devide, and
- Reconsidering the Advertising Industry

The nice thing is that they do not only provide sharp and insight-full analysis 
(that might hurt sometimes), but offer some smart advice too, to both the advertiser as the agency side. It reminds me of Joseph Jaffe's free chapter "fixing the agency mess", of his well-known book "life after the 30-second spot". But besides that, I believe this is very useful and fresh material for smart and flexible agencies that are willing to keep pace with the post-mass-media-era.

You can download presentations and reports on the publication page of their website.

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  1. But it is worth to have a brand marketing, specially on internet most people, i think 80% rely/ buy goods on the internet.