Monday, 12 January 2009

The 10 Environmental worldviews

This is an interesting overview that maps the attitude towards the environment in 10 segments. I found it in Joel Makower's new book: Strategies for the Green Economy:

1. Greenest Americans:
Everything is connected, and our daily actions have an impact on the environment (9%)

2. Ungreens:
Environmental degradation and pollution are inevitable in maintaining AMerica's prosperity (3%)

3. Compassionate caretakers:
Healthy families need a healthy environment (24%)

4. Proud traditionalists:
Religion and morality dictate actions in a world where humans are superior to nature (20%)

5. Murky Middles:
Indifferent to most everything, including the environment (17%)

6. Antiauthoritarian Materialists:
Little can be done to protect the environment, so why not get a piece of the pie (7%)

7. Driven independents:
Protecting the earth is fine, as long as it doesn't get inthe way of success (7%)

8. Cruel Worlders:
Resentment and isolation leave no room for environmental concerns (6%)

9. Borderline Fatalists:
Getting material and status needs met on a daily basistrumps worries on the planet (5%)

10. Postmodern Idealists:
Green lifestyles are part of a new way of being (3%)

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