Monday, 1 December 2008

Studio Brussels hacks the intro of Belgian soap opera

The intro of Belgium's most popular soap opera has been parodied to announce the central theme of this year's edition of Music For Life. Music for Life is the yearly charity media event of Studio Brussels, Flanders most popular and progressive radio station.
This year's issue that will receive its attention and support is: "Mothers on the run for violence and war"

After the intro-movie we see a small documentary that zooms into the lives of four African women. To my believe this is brilliant. The campaign uses the codes of a very familiar cultural item and connects with a world that seems very far away.
It understands where "home and family values are best represented and knows how to transfer it to the charity issue.
Finally we see again a campaign that breaks out of the barriers of the conventional advertising resort. 
Where are other organisations like "banks" for example? Don't they have a larger social challenge today as well that makes them able to break with advertising conventions in a creative way? Make their challenges real? 

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