Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A Humanitarian Lion at Cannes

This video has an anoying soundtrack that is so sappy it's difficult to keep watching.

The story behind goes as follows: a video appeared on YouTube that advocates the creation of the Cannes Humanitarian Lion, an award honoring the agency which submitted the best idea and action plan to solve one of several pre-determined worldwide humanitarian issues. Each agency that submitted work to Cannes for any category would be required to also provide one Humanitarian Lion idea. Finalists would then be selected and have until the next year's Festival to execute the work at which time the work would be judged and the winner awarded the Humanitarian Lion.

Right here, a conversation is happening about the sense of this idea


  1. Following you from your comment at AdRants...I just can't get over the hubris here. If they better articulated how ad agencies could use their special skills to solve these problems, it would be more plausible for me.

    Admittedly, I am coming from a humanitarian perspective, not an advertising perspective.

  2. Hi Stefaan

    While execution is pretty poor, I think there is "something" there. Though it would need a lot of work to come out :-)

    Maybe not in Cannes (Goa? Davos?). Maybe not for agencies only (corporate teams too?). Maybe ... maybe ...

    At least the good news is "we're not the only dreamers :-)"