Monday, 28 April 2008

The six sins of GreenWashing

The Six Sins Of GreenWashing

From: StefaanVandist, 24 minutes ago

I'm just doing some experiments uploading my own slideshows to slideshare to finally embed them into blogger. This concept of 'six sins of greenwashing' is originally found on the website of terrachoice. I want to share it with you (again) as I experienced it as a very powerfull tool in the board room.
In a very short shot, decision makers understand the importance to communicate in a decent way without greenwashing.


More and more, companies want to go green by advertising their green credentials.
The big question is: where is the line between "communicating the truth in the best way" and "greenwashing".

This document: "the six sins of greenwashing" can help you avoiding very usual pitfalls.

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