Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Report Clean Energy Trends 2008

Interesting report on clean energy trends in the US, for free (after signing up) here, on the Clean Edge website

Clean energy has moved from the margins to the mainstream, and the proof is in the numbers:
  • Revenues in four benchmark sectors (biofuels, wind power, solar photovoltaics and fuel cells are up 40 percent in one year, to $77.3 billion in 2007
  • Clean energy market will hit $254 billion by 2017

Trends for 2008 and next:

  • Small start-ups are powering markets for electric vehicles.
  • sustainable cities are being designed and built from the ground up
  • overseas players are powering the U.S. wind market boom
  • geothermal energy is experience a global renaissance as a clean-energy resource
  • new technologies are helping oceangoing ships take a cleaner tack

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