Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Consumers do have the power to change the food industry

This article appeared on the WELL-blog of the New York times! It is exciting to share with consumers, especially families with kids.

The idea is that by changing your buying behavior a little, you can make a big difference.

The call-for-action: Just go for 5 basic organic foods!

For instance: When buying conventional milk, you're buying into a whole chemical system of agriculture. If you chose to go organic for Milk, Apples, Potatoes, Peanut butter and Ketchup (yes, this is an American article), you have a positive effect on an large part of agriculture, without hitting into your wallet to much.

This is a great idea to turn into marketing communications. Lot of consumers are worried about the environment, but consider their buying behavior as something that won't make any significant change.

In the article, they explain why this 'buy 5 organic basics' is a good buying strategy that makes a change! Read the entire article here!

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