Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Earth Rewards, generated by purchases

Previously, we talked about Ello Mobile's cause related business model that provides consumers a nice and convenient way to contribute support to charitative social and environmental projects. (Clients decide to what project their spendings go)

This is a similar construction with credit cards, launched by General Electric, "My Earth Awards"

Every time you use your Earth Rewards Card, a portion of your net purchases will go to offsetting the emissions created by your purchases and activities. For example, spending $25 contributes enough to offset the emissions associated with running a typical refrigerator for a month. Spending $500 offsets the emissions from driving almost 1,500 miles in an average car, etc...

It all adds up

Spend $750 on your Earth Rewards Card every month and you can completely offset the 10 metric tonnes of direct emissions the average American is likely to produce in a year from travel and home energy use.

Being part of life

Apart of these comparisons between financial value and ofsetts, they come up with general "slice-of-life" behaviors like "going to the hairdresser", "going on holiday", "buying food" that all are initiated by spending money.
Check out their communications, offset projects and, GE's own efforts here

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