Monday, 9 July 2007

Use the photocopier to distribute the message!

This very smart viral commiunication strategy has won a Gold Direct Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival. Just click on the picture to discover this campaign. It is realy an excellent example of both viral and contextual communications

Treat Every Environment Special (TREES), a non-profit environmental organisation, launched a campaign to encourage paper recycling in the corporate sector and remind them the importance of saving the environment. Indifferent or burdened by daily operations, most employees ignore the need to recycle so TREES took it upon itself to constantly remind and educate them.
People are already aware of the need to save the environment but sometimes, they forget. We decided to communicate our message where paper waste is created most, the photocopier, where only one side of the paper is used. With that in mind, Finance/HR Directors were sent a direct mailer that contained small, clear stickers that has the message "please use both sides and recycle after" plus the company's website address. They were asked to help place the sticker on the photocopier's surface making the message easily duplicated on every paper that passed through the machine.
Visits at the TREES website increased by 68% in the first three months of the campaign. In addition, the 150 Finance/HR Directors that received the direct mail pack were given a follow-up call after the campaign was launched. 113 of them informed TREES that they saved an average of 17% on paper costs.

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