Monday, 26 March 2007

Dove makes people feel beautiful again

This campaign surprised the world in October 2006. It’s not really new, but it’s simply impossible to blog on 'cause new marketing' without at least mentioning this one.
Not so long ago I’ve attended a seminar of the Vlerick Marketing Alumni on 'understanding consumer insights'. There Nils Van Dam, Senior Vice President of a division of Unilever, mentioned the Dove case. This viral movie is part of Dove's campaign for real beauty, created by Ogilvy in Toronto, Canada. Amazing how in it first three weeks it reached more than 10 Million people! Now, why’s that? Did it have such an exponential reach only because it was viral? Or was it because it unlocked a real and intensive feeling we all love to experience?

With this campaign, Dove embraces the mission to give (back) confidence to all women. At last someone has the guts to go straight against the artificial stereotypes of female beauty that dominates advertising.

Nils Van Dam nailed it down this way on his slides: Dove wants people to feel beautiful again. And beauty comes in many ways, sizes and ages.

Also check the Dove self-esteem fund

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