Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Bio-mimicry as industrial revolution

Nature is perhaps the best inspiration for innovation in the business arena.

PSFK spent a morning last week where they sat next to an all-time hero and sustainable business pioneer - Ray Anderson of Interface Carpets. He was giving a speech and spreading the word to the presidents of a large corporation in Virginia when he mentioned how his team had learned from stickiness in nature and was now applying it to his eco carpet tiles. 82 of his products now use bio-mimicry and that makes up 40% of his business.

Ray also said that there were three trends all organizations couldn’t ignore:

- The Bio-Sphere - the living system that supports all life is in decline
- Growing awareness of eco issues will reshape markets
- A new and better business model is in development that will engage people, create
goodwill and provide better products

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